• What is Involved in a Car Tune Up

    A car tune up is a very important part of your car’s maintenance. A tune up for a car involves replacing some parts that are crucial to your car’s proper running. A tune up is not something that is done regularly, it is normally regarded as a major service option. It should be done around every two years. The first thing to be replaced are your spark plugs. Spark plugs help ignite the gas to start your car, so they are very important. Bad spark plugs can be a problem to not only starting your car, but also to your fuel economy. Another part that can severely effect fuel economy are your air filters. Think of them as the lung of your car, they need to be clean and free of clogs. Replacement filters are normally installed to alleviate any problems. Clogged air filters can cause a decrease of up to 20% in fuel economy. Another part is a check up of your engine. It isn’t a major check in the sense that you are checking every part, but it is more of a look and see check. Meaning you are looking for any big problems with the engine and its components. A more detailed engine check can be performed, but is not part of the tune up. Most newer cars work by fuel injection, and so part of the tune up is a check of the nozzles to make sure they are clean. Car tune up prices range depending on how much needs replacing, so the range can be anywhere from $100 to even $1,000.