• What is Ice Car Wax?

    Ice car wax is becoming a popular new option to wax your car. When you wax your car with regular wax, it is recommended you do not wax the car in the sunlight or the intense heat. Ideally, waxing should be done at night or inside. However, you may not always be able to do it at that time, and this is where ice car wax can help. Ice car wax is a wax that works best in the direct sunlight. It is pretty much the opposite of the regular waxes, or turtle wax you have probably used so far. You can use this wax anywhere, inside, outside, in the sun, anytime. However, if it is a bit cooler out, it will take a little longer to dry. That isn’t a problem per se, but you need to make sure the car is totally dry before you start to wipe it off. A common mistake, but the consequence is dire as you will need to rewash the car and start the process all over again. Ice car wax is also an efficient substance. It claims you only need to put one coat on the car to see a full shine, whereas many other waxes take two or more coats. You can always add an extra coat of ice car wax to increase the shine, but it is nice knowing only one will be needed. One bad thing about the wax is that it can be more expensive than regular waxes on the market. Although the benefits seem to warrant the increased cost.