• Using Car Vinyl Cleaner

    Many car interiors require a car vinyl cleaner to keep their looking their best. Vinyl will have a tendency to dry out after many years exposed to hot, dry and sunny conditions, so keeping the vinyl supple is important. Vinyl can have the appearance of plush leather but in order to prevent it from aging too fast it should be nurtured in a similar way that you would care for leather in a vehicle.

    Preliminary Cleaning

    Vinyl should be wiped clean before you add any other specialist applications to it. If you are going to treat your vinyl seats and interior trim, vacuum it first to clear it of any loose particles, dust and debris. You can use a soft clean cloth and soapy water on vinyl. You should first squeeze the cloth out and do not let huge amounts of water escape from it onto the vinyl.  It is also safe to use a scrubbing brush, but do not use it for prolonged periods on the same area because you will cause cracking in the vinyl.

    Choosing the Right Stuff

    You would probably get a headache if you see a shelf filled with the hundreds of vinyl cleaners available, all claiming to be the best for your car, but how do you choose? Well, the best way to choose is to judge your vinyl and check the manufacturer recommendations first. The owner’s manual for your car might have some advice and care tips in it which can help you best judge what to get. In the absence of such advice you should probably look at your vinyl and see what type it is. The seats can sometimes be made from a vinyl which resembles faux leather and it will be far softer than regular vinyl. When you go shopping for vinyl cleaner make sure it has softeners and protectors in it which give nutrients to the vinyl and keep it looking new. Tougher vinyl is usually used on the dashboard and trim areas of your interior, so it is possible you will require two types of vinyl cleaner.


    Car vinyl protectant is like a softener. Think of it as a fabric conditioner like you would add to your laundry to soften your clothes. Protectants act like preservers to condition the vinyl and spot it from cracking and looking old and faded. The front of your car will always come in for heavy heat exposure when left in sunny places. This means that you should really condition your vinyl on a monthly basis to help it stay healthy. Ozone safe products are great for protecting your vinyl. They have UV protection and that is kind of like putting sun screen on. UV rays are disastrous for vinyl and leather interiors and is highly damaging over time. Vinyl upholstery cleaners keep your seats soft and pliable. Applying the cleaner is simple. Using a soft cloth just rub it into the vinyl and let it settle before polishing it to bring it to a gleaming shine.