• Tips on How to Use Truck Maintenance Software

    The use of truck maintenance software helps in maintaining a truck by tracking all pertinent information and scheduled truck maintenance tasks. Regular maintenance and servicing of your vehicle will increase its longevity, retain its maximum resale value and allow you to get the most out of your truck. Usually vehicle owners lack the discipline in keeping such records of scheduled maintenance tasks. However, there is software available that will keep track of these records and schedules for you.

    Digital Log

    Truck maintenance software will keep a digital logbook of all records pertaining to the maintenance of your truck and its various systems, logging what has taken place and what needs to take place and when.

    Tip #1: Entering the pertinent information. It is essential that you utilize the software properly and efficiently; otherwise all of the effort will be rendered null and void. Take care in entering the information asked for properly and accurately. Shortcuts will “save” time now but not later. In fact, it will probably increase the time used because you will have to sort out the “bad” or inaccurate information and replace it with the proper information. Remember as with any computer program: garbage in equals garbage out.

    Tip #2: Update the information immediately. Whenever you perform a scheduled maintenance task, log it immediately. This will prevent you from forgetting to log it in the first place. Besides, the information will be more accurate if you enter it immediately instead of “guesstimating” it later. Some programs include a section for entering replacement part information including serial numbers.

    Tip #3: Ignoring the schedule. Many software programs come pre-programmed for your particular truck or vehicle. It can also be customized. Red, green and yellow lights signal the status of each particular task. Whenever a task is completed, you can reset it. Ignoring these signals defeats the purpose of the software program.

    Tracking Is Essential

    By using software program to track the maintenance of your truck will ensure that none of the important scheduled tasks will be forgotten. This will add to the life of your truck.