• Tips for Proper Cooling System Maintenance

    Regular cooling system maintenance can keep your car out of the repair shop and thus save your hard earned money. The cooling system basically helps the car stay away from overheating. Proper functioning of a cooling system is extremely important so that the engine can perform efficiently at a suitable temperature. Below are few tips which can help you with the maintenance process.

    • Type of Engine Coolant: The engine cooling system in your automobile is made up of coolant and water. To avoid damage to your cooling system, you should know which engine coolant is best for your make and model vehicle.
    • Check Coolant Level: To ensure the system is keeping your car away from heat, you must check the level of coolant once every week. In summers, you should check it more often.
    • Ratio of Water and Antifreeze: It is extremely important you put the correct ratio of water and antifreeze in the radiator. For most of the vehicle it is 1:1, but it is best to check the user manual.
    • Go for Pressure Test Regularly: Check for leaks every week so. This is to help you know the actual situation beforehand, and thus, take care of it. If feasible, you can fix the leak or get the system changed. These leaks can be present in any of the parts like the radiator, coolant passage tube, water pump, hose or heater core. You should also check for gas leaks in the cooling system as well.
    • Check Cooling Fan: At times you will find there are no leaks in the system and still the cooling system is not working properly. For this purpose, it is suggested to check and clean the cooling fan regularly as it gets dysfunctional at times. If the cooling fan does not work properly, heat builds up in the engine. You can recognize a problem when the coolant is not flowing properly by touching the radiator hose. If there is a problem, the radiator hose will be hot at the top and cold at the bottom.
    • Other Inspection: Check the hoses and belts as often as possible. Also, ensure that thermostat for functioning of the cooling system.
    • Drain Coolant for Cleaning: It is often suggested by mechanics to change the coolant often. This will ensure the system has fresh fluid and works properly. For replacing the coolant, you will need to first drain the coolant in a pan. Do not under any circumstances, drain the coolant on the ground. The coolant is a poison to animals and can endanger any pets you may have. Then you will need to empty the radiator. Next, replace the current coolant with a fresh one.
    • Let the Mechanic Examine: Take your vehicle to the mechanic often. There are few problems which we may not be aware of. But a mechanic has an eye for such details. The mechanic can easily detect the problem like a clogged radiator or a rusted engine fan.