• Tips for Proper Car Carpet Cleaner Use

    It is beneficial to know how to use a car carpet cleaner, as this will enable you to complete car detailing effectively, reducing the amount you pay to have the work done. Using some tips during the process will ensure the appliance is used correctly, so it does the job properly.

    Loose Debris

    When cleaning the carpet of your car, you must begin by removing any loose debris that may be present on the carpet. This can be completed by sweeping with a dustpan and brush, or more thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner. This will make less work for the car carpet cleaner, as it will only need to work on any ingrained dirt.  


    If it is possible to remove the carpet from the car and it is not too problematic to do so, it is prudent to do this in order to undertake the cleaning process. This will allow you to check for any signs of mold that could be hidden beneath the carpet, as well as making it easier to clean by laying it out on a flat surface. If the carpet is to remain in place, begin by removing all the mats and any other items that may hinder you. Do not overlook any edges or crooks.      


    The manner in which you apply car carpet shampoo will depend on the type that you use and the extent of the soiling involved. Some types of shampoo, such as those that come in the form of foam, can be applied directly to the carpet’s surface. Liquid shampoos can be diluted in water before being applied with the help of a sponge or cloth. In all cases, you should not allow the carpet to get too wet. This can be achieved by not allowing the cloth or cleaner to remain in one place for too long. Ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions in respect of how long they recommend the application process for the car carpet cleaner should take.  


    When the car carpet cleaner has been directly applied to the surface, lightly use a scrubbing brush to work the solution into the carpet if it has been subject to heavy soiling. A cloth or sponge can be used for general cleaning by wiping it along the surface in a single direction. Have a bucket of clean water to hand and rinse the cloth regularly to avoid inadvertently trailing any dirt back onto the carpet.            

    An auto carpet cleaner machine can be used if you prefer not to do the work by hand. There is a variety of different machines on the market and you will find that they can be hired. They are essentially a wet vacuum cleaner, the water working with the bristles to clean the carpet. Some versions will have a compartment that the shampoo can be poured into to make the cleaning process easier. Keep the nozzle moving over the surface to ensure the car carpet cleaner is not left in one place for too long.