• The Importance of Proper Cooling System Maintenance

    Taking care of your car’s cooling system maintenance is important in ensuring proper engine function. Radiator maintenance can help you diagnose any radiator problems you may have. This system is important because it cools down the engine by removing heat. A radiator overheating will not be fixed when there is no cooling system in place. Your engine wants to work at a certain temperature, but it gets very hot. The cooling system is needed so that it can get back down to that peak working temperature. An easy thing to do is to check your coolant fluid levels in your car. It is pretty much like checking your oil, except there are normally two lines of “Full” and “Low” on the coolant container. If it is below full, you should fill it, and this should be checked every two to three weeks. However, in the summer when it is hotter, your car uses more coolant, so checking should be done more frequently. Once a week would be a smart time frame. You should also have your mechanic check the various parts around the coolant system, such as the engine belts, filters and spark plugs. Another reason you will want to check the fluid levels is because if they are low, not only will the overheating happen, but it can also lead to the breakdown of several parts of your car, including your engine. Replacing an engine is likely something you don’t want to do, since that can be extremely expensive to replace.