• Laws Regarding Proper Car Battery Disposal

    Because all car batteries are lead acid batteries, they contain harmful chemicals such as lead and sulfuric acid that are considered to be hazardous waste and, as a result, the United States federal government as well as many states’ local governments have passed laws regarding proper car battery disposal. Most of these laws require you to recycle your car battery. Car battery recycling is the safest way to deal with the batteries because the chemicals used in the batteries are reused and not simply dumped into the environment. The following are all the places where you can legally dispose of your used car battery.


    AAA has a program to celebrate Earth Day called the Great Battery Roundup that is held annually. Every Earth Day, AAA sets up battery collection points in most towns and cities that encourage local residents to recycle their car batteries. If you don’t want to pay to have your battery disposed of, you could wait until Earth Day and give it to AAA.


    Some states require residents to turn in their old car battery when they buy a new one. This is another good way to dispose of your battery because it is convenient and free. All you have to do is give the store clerk the old battery at the same time that you are buying the new one.

    Auto Repair Store

    If you can’t find a free place to get rid of your dead car battery, you can always go to an auto repair store, the same place you go for an oil change. These places charge money for the disposal of lead acid car batteries.