• Is a Hand Car Wash Worth the Extra Money

    Getting a hand car wash can be worth extra money when compared against a machine car wash. Hand car washing obviously will cost more than a regular car wash since it is fully manual labor, and it takes much longer. It may take around an hour to complete, but in the end, usually your car will end up looking better. When you get your car washed by a machine, it is pretty much just power washing your car, but it isn’t getting into the nitty gritty. A car wash done by hand allows the washer to see the problem spots on your car and can clean those areas even better. Usually at a place that does hand washing, they will tend to the customer more. For example, if you got your car washed a couple days ago, and then something were to really affect that wash, such as a bad storm or bad mud or something similar, chances are they will wash it off for you at no charge. You get a little more “TLC” at a hand washer. Sure, the price is more expensive, however, you get better, more personalized service. They first will wash your car on the outside, but then after this is done, they go into extreme details. They will open up the trunk and get in the ‘tough to reach’ spaces. After, they may go into the door jambs and clean where the machine car wash couldn’t get to. In addition, they usually clean the interior better, taking more time to wash all those detailed spots.