• Improving Fuel Economy & Mileage for Compact Cars

    When it comes to fuel economy mileage, compact cars typically get the best mileage. This is due to a number of reasons, including low weight, aerodynamics, and smaller engines. Compact cars fuel economy are usually above 30 miles per gallon, and can be as high as 50 miles per gallon if your car is the Toyota Prius. Compact car gas mileage can be even higher than the stated numbers if you follow some of the tips below.

    Cruise Control

    Cruise control is a great feature that can save you a lot of gas. Cruise control works by eliminating any acceleration and keeping your car at a constant speed. No acceleration means your engine is not working any harder than it needs to be to achieve the desired speed. Most people who drive will not be driving at the optimal acceleration levels, and this causes a waste of gas. Cruise control will make sure you are driving with the lowest engine usage, and this can really improve your fuel economy.

    Avoiding Traffic

    Ok, so this one sounds like something you always try to do. However, there are times where you do sit through traffic. Eliminating as much traffic as possible will increase your fuel economy. Traffic involves a lot of stopping and starting, which will use up more gas than you think. Not to mention, if it is bumper to bumper, you will just be sitting there, wasting gas, and not even moving. It would behoove you to find an alternate route, even if that route will take longer. A longer, steadier ride will result in less gas usage. 

    Tire Inflation

    Believe it or not, but your tires can affect your fuel economy. Make sure that they are inflated to the correct pressure levels that your owner’s manual says. If they are not, you can be losing 3-5% of your stated fuel economy. Every little bit counts and losing a couple percent in multiple places can mean hundreds of miles a year lost.


    Drag is created in many ways, but one of the big ways is to have your windows down. The air resistance will cause your car to not be totally aerodynamic. Compact cars usually are designed to be very aerodynamic since it does affect the fuel economy. Close your windows while you drive if you can, or just crack them a little bit. Also, don’t turn your air conditioner on, since that uses up a lot of power as well. If you can stick it out, using no air, plus keeping the windows up will lead to the highest fuel economy.


    Excessive idling is a culprit of gas mileage. Just like when you are stuck in traffic, idling is when you are not moving but your engine is on. However, with idling, you aren’t even going to be moving a couple of feet every now and then. Your car will just be running, wasting gas, for no reason. If you are waiting to pick someone up, turn off your car, or just let it run with the battery so you can at least still listen to the radio.