• How to Wax a Car

    Knowing the professional way to wax a car will help to bring out the best in your vehicle whenever you clean it. Whilst washing regularly is very important, it is almost more important to maintain a healthy wax coating on the paint work of the exterior of your car. If you own an orbital polishing machine you can certainly get a better shine on your car if you use it to polish with.

    Step 1 – Things you Might Need

    Start with a whole pack of micro-fiber towels, some detailing spray, an orbital polishing device, some thick buffing pads, a chamois leather, some one-step wax or polish (if you have regularly washed your vehicle). If you haven’t washed your vehicle in a while you might also look into getting a clay bar and a pre-wax cleaner. For an extra good look you can also buy some treatment cream for your exterior black trim and rubber. Always buy the best wax car care product best suited to your vehicle.

    Step 2 – Where to Start

    Wash your car first, just to get rid of the excess dirt and grime that will have accumulated. Make sure you open all the doors and clean and wipe the doorjambs. When you run your car through an automatic car wash, these parts never get a good scrubbing, so avoid neglect of them by including them in the washing process. Dry the car with a chamois leather and wipe off any drips and water marks. Start your waxing process by beginning with the black trim and rubber. Back to Black is a good one to buy. It is a simple cream cleaner that will revive the black coloring back into the rubber seals around your doors and windows and well as any other trim.

    Step 3 – Clay

    The best way to remove any deep ground in dirt from your car is use clay. It will make the surface of your car feel smoother. You will notice the difference when you feel the parts of the car you have used the clay on, compared to parts you haven’t yet attended to. You can manipulate the clay every so often to create a fresh cleaning surface. There is a warning attached to the clay to not drop it. If you drop the cla,y it is rendered unusable. Any dirt that gets pickup on it can scratch your paint work and damage the car, so if you have a spare, use that. You can use a clean dust cover to protect it from falling into dirt.

    Step 4 – Waxing

    If your vehicle is in good exterior condition, you can get away with using a wax and polish in one product. If the car has seen better days, you might be better of choosing a two stage polish and wax instead. To save time, spread a liberal amount of wax polish onto the buffing pad and place it on the surface of the vehicle. Switch on the orbital polishing machine and let the buffer do its work. Keep the movement light and gentle, without force. Let the buffer polish the wax into the paint. When you have coated the whole car, change the buffer for a clean dry pad and then bring your cars exterior to a gleaming shine. There are many good car wax products on the market, so you won’t be spoiled for choice.