• How to Wash a Car: A Step by Step Guide

    In order to enhance the beauty of your vehicle and keep it looking showroom new, you should learn how to wash a car. In addition to the sense of pride you get from driving a beautiful car, washing your car at home could also be a time to enjoy the company of family or your significant other while beautifying your vehicle.

     Materials Needed to Wash a Car

    • A kink-free garden hose with an adjustable sprayer
    • A one gallon wash bucket
    • Car wash soap, or mild car wash solution
    • A sponge or soft towel
    • A stiff brush
    • Soft absorbent car wash towels, chamois or microfiber car wash cloths

    Optional materials could include tire and rim cleaner and dressing, polish for glass and chrome and car wax or polish.

    Step 1: Inspect the Vehicle

    Inspect the vehicle for tar, brake dust and bug splatter. Assemble your car wash products and equipment with this in mind.

    Step 2: Pre-Wash the Car

    Using a garden hose, thoroughly wet down the vehicle starting from the top, and work your way down. Using the strongest spray setting, spray into each of the tire wells, washing out any mud and dirt.

    Step 3: Apply Special Products

    Pre-treat any of the areas identified in Step 1 as per label instructions with the appropriate car wash product solution.

    Step 4: Washing the Car

    Start with the roof of the vehicle. Start washing, using a sponge or soft towel. Use a circular overlapping motion until you have covered the entire area. Rinse thoroughly and then start on the next area. After soaping, always rinse completely. Repeat this procedure for the doors, hood and trunk, rinsing the towel or sponge as needed. Replenish or change the wash water periodically depending on how dirty it gets. Dispose of the dirty wash water properly.

    Step 5: Inspect for Missed Areas

    Inspect the vehicle for any missed areas and re-treat any areas for stubborn road grime.

    Step 6: Wash the Tires and Rims

    Follow label instructions for washing pre-treatment from tires and rims and rinse thoroughly.

    Step 7: Final Rinsing

    After inspecting the vehicle to insure that all areas are clean, give the vehicle a light rinsing and begin the drying process.

    Step 8: Drying the Car

    Start with the windows to ensure that they do not dry with spots. Use the same overlapping motion used for car washing. Fold the dry towel into quarters, if it is large enough, for easy handling. Change sides frequently to insure streak-free drying. Start from the top of the vehicle and make your way down. Change towels if needed to continue drying.

    Step 9: Optional Polishing

    Once dry, it’s time to polish the chrome trim if you choose, and apply wax or polish and tire dressing. Refer to car wash product labels for proper application.

    Washing your vehicle at home can save you time and money, keep your vehicle looking good and can create some clean family fun on hot summer days.