• How to Use a Random Orbit Polisher

    In order to maintain the paintwork of your vehicle, you will need to apply wax which can be undertaken with a random orbit polisher. It is beneficial to know how to use the tool properly to ensure the task of polishing the paintwork is completed effectively.

    Step 1 – Prepare

    You must begin by preparing the orbit polisher for use, which is especially necessary when it is being used for the first time. When using a electric polisher, ensure the power cord is properly unfurled and comprises no kinks. It is worth holding and lifting the polisher prior to plugging it in to check that the weight and grip are comfortable. Some manufacturers, such as Porter Cable, make use of ergonomically-designed handles to make the tool more comfortable to grip during use.

    Step 2 – Test

    The orbit polisher will be subject to vibrations when it is on, so it is worth checking it to test the strength of this movement. After switching it on, hold the polisher in the air to get an idea of the effort needed to keep it steady. If you have use of a test surface or are prepared to use an inconspicuous section of your car, you should also test the operation of the polishing wheel against a surface. This will help you to determine the extent of work required to achieve the desired result as well as helping with technique. It is possible to burn the paint if too much pressure is applied or the polishing wheel is left in one place for too long. Bear this in mind when testing the tool on a hidden part of your vehicle. Most examples of the tool will have variable speeds that will enable you to opt for the one that is most suited to the task.  

    Step 3 – Apply Wax

    When using an orbit polisher, it is necessary to initially apply wax to the car’s paintwork for the polisher to work on. The wax should be applied with a cloth in a circular pattern, ensuring the entire surface of the vehicle is covered. The result of the application of wax should be a white bloom on the surface. The polisher can be used to finish up the process after this step has been reached.   

    Step 4 – Polish Technique

    Turn on the orbit polisher and make sure the revolutions have reached full speed before the wheel makes contact with the surface. In order to keep track of your progress, start at one end of the vehicle and gradually work your way across. Do not force the polishing disc to the surface, as this can result in too much pressure being applied. You will be able to see from the wax that has been buffed, that a significant amount of pressure is not required to achieve glossy paint. Keep the wheel of the polisher moving over the surface, making sure you are gripping both handles at all times. This will ensure you maintain control of the tool.