• How to Use a Headlight Lens Cleaner to Repair Foggy Headlights

    If your headlights have been rendered less effective by fogginess or other uncleanliness, a good headlight lens cleaner can help you render them as good as new. Given time, your car’s headlights will become yellowed or else begin to acquire a “foggy” appearance. The good news is that a properly used headlight deoxidizer is an inexpensive and effective way to perform safe headlight restoration. Just follow these steps to make your dingy headlights shine bright and new once again.

    Step 1: Buy or Make a Good Headlight Cleaner

    There is no one “best” headlight cleaner for all cleansing needs; however, there are several options available which may appeal to you. A good homemade cleanser can be functional and extremely cost effective. Simply mix a few tablespoons of baking soda and water to make a thick, smooth paste. If you’d rather trust your car’s headlights to a professional cleanser, there are plenty of choices to be found at your local automotive shop or at supermarkets like Wal-Mart. Look for a good foaming window cleanser or ask a sales representative for a recommendation.

    Step 2: Gather Other Materials

    In addition to your cleanser, you’ll need a few soft cloths and some clean water, for rinsing.

    Step 3: Wash Your Vehicle

    If there is any dirt or other particles present on your headlights prior to cleaning, the process of cleaning is likely to scratch your headlights. To prevent unsightly scratches, make sure that all debris is clear from your headlights before you start. A full vehicle wash is recommended, however, it’s acceptable to wash the headlights only – just be sure they’re completely clean.

    Step 3: Run a Test

    Make sure your cleanser is effective by testing a small corner of your headlight first. Apply a small dollop of your cleansing paste to the light (with a little bit of extra water, if necessary) and buff in a circular motion with the cloth. Press as hard as you can while buffing. You don’t need to worry about scratches, as long as your car is clean. The cleanser should turn yellow or brown if it’s working as it should, and you should be able to see your headlight becoming more clear as you scrub.

    Step 4: Clean, Rinse and Dry

    Assuming your small test was successful, simply continue cleaning the headlights in the same way. Add fresh portions of cleanser as necessary as you continue scrubbing. If your towel gets too clogged with paste to buff effectively, simply move on to a fresh spot on the towel to maintain a good amount of friction. After you’ve finished scrubbing your headlights clean, rinse with water from a hose or bucket, making sure to wash all the cleanser completely off your vehicle. Allow to air dry or dry with a clean, soft cloth.

    Unsightly, dirty headlights are a very manageable problem that require only a very little amount of time and money. By following these easy steps, your headlights can be made as bright and clean as new in just a few minutes.