• How to Start a Mobile Car Wash Business

    A mobile car wash business can make it very convenient for people to keep their cars clean, as these businesses operate by visiting the client’s location. These car wash professionals wash, wax, clean and detail cars according to the customer’s requirements. The business can be a very lucrative enterprise, because drivethrough car washes are fast losing their popularity. Most people who are busy throughout the week don’t want to spend time over the weekends at drivethrough car washes. Since the car wash service you provide will be more personalized, your customers will be satisfied and willing to pay more.

    How to Start a Mobile Car Wash Business:

    • Since this is a business, you need to get city and state licenses and permits to operate it. To start off, visit the city and state offices for the requisite permits and licenses. You should also make yourself aware of all the rules and regulations that apply to the business and adhere to them. If necessary, you will also have to get special business insurance.
    • You will have to invest money for the car wash equipment that’s required to start the business. The equipment you need to buy includes towels, car wash soap, car wax, tire shine, buckets, sponges, brushes, a hose and a van. Since you will need an electrical outlet and water as your business expands, it might be advisable to invest in a generator and a water tank.
    • You must visit many business sites. Even if they don’t have a fleet of cars they would like to have cleaned, their employees might prefer to have their vehicles cleaned while parked at the workplace. This car wash service can also be provided to auto dealers who don’t have car washes. Most auto dealers would like to have vehicles on the lot cleaned on a regular basis.
    • Similarly, you should contact limousine companies who might be able to bring some business your way.
    • Although you can get many referred customers at each workplace site you visit, advertise with the help of flyers and business cards. Let people know exactly what services you can provide and the prices at which you will provide them. In addition, you must do some research to find out the prices you can reasonably charge.
    • It’s important that you seem professional and trustworthy, as you are asking people to hand over their car keys to you to clean their vehicles. It’s best to wear a uniform while working and also print the business name, contact number and website on the van you use to carry your equipment. Always appear clean and well-groomed and speak in a polite tone. You must listen to the customers’ suggestions and complaints and act on them.
    • You can even offer discounts to regular customers. As your business grows, it might be necessary to hire somebody to take off some of the load.

    Along with dedication and sincerity, a willingness to work hard and an open approach will soon have your mobile car wash business expanding, as you get a larger base of satisfied customers.