• How to Safely Use Jumper Cables

    It is very important to keep safety in mind any time you use jumper cables. This is because jumper cables will be connected to a working and discharging car battery, and any time a lead acid battery is recharging there is a chance of something going wrong, such as an explosion or a rapid ejection of dangerous chemicals. Proper use of jumper cables is an integral part of car battery safety, and the following set of step by step instructions will help you get the job done as safely as possible.

    Step 1: Eye and Hand Protection

    You should put on eye protection that protects your eyes from all angles to prevent damage from sulfuric acid ejaculation as well as rubber gloves to protect your hands. Use these measures before you begin working with the battery.

    Step 2: Properly Attaching the Cables

    To jump start your dead battery, you will need a to connect the terminals of the battery via jumper cables to the terminals of a working battery in another car. The order in which you attach the cables to the terminals of both batteries is extremely important to avoid harm to the batteries and possible explosions. First, attach the positive red cable to the positive terminal of the dead battery, then the positive terminal of the working one. Next attach the black negative cable to the negative terminal of the good battery, then to the frame of the car with the dead battery.

    Step 3: Removing the Cables

    Again to avoid causing sparks near the battery that could cause it to explode, it is important that you correctly disconnect the cables when you are done. This should be done in the exact opposite order from that with which you connected the batteries.