• How to Prevent Rust on Your Car

    If you’ve purchased a new vehicle, you need to follow a few guidelines to prevent rust on your car. Conversely, if you want to buy a used car, make sure you check for rust spots before purchasing any given vehicle that’s up for sale. Cars that are exposed to salts are at risk of acquiring rust very easily. People who reside close to the ocean should also check their vehicles for rust and follow the tips given below to keep their vehicle rust-free.

    How to Prevent Rust on Your Car:

    • You need to wash the vehicle at least once a week, particularly during the winters, when salt is used on the roads. Use high quality car care products that won’t damage the car paint or surface and leave the metal exposed to the air. Also use non-abrasive towels when drying the vehicle.
    • If your car has a small scratch on the surface, examine the scratch and fix it at the earliest to prevent rust from setting in. If the scratch is very deep, you will have to sand the surface and use a good quality primer to treat before painting the affected area.
    • The underside of the car should be thoroughly cleaned because dust, debris and other particles get lodged in this area. If you can’t clean the vehicle on your own, use professional car wash facilities to get the job done.
    • It’s best to treat the surface with good quality paint protectants, lubricants and wax. This treatment not only ensures that the car has a smooth and shiny finish, but also prevents corrosion.
    • If you live by the ocean, use a rust prevention spray on your vehicle to prevent oxidation of the metal. Make sure you follow the instructions listed on the spray package before coating the vehicle.
    • If you want to use a rust prevention spray on the car, park the vehicle in a shady and well ventilated area and only start spraying the vehicle once it has cooled down.
    • If you notice even the slightest amount of rust on your vehicle, treat the area promptly so that the rust doesn’t damage the metal and create a hole.
    • It’s also best to cover your vehicle with a car cover if you aren’t parking it in a garage.
    • Apart from protecting the exteriors, you also need to protect the interior of your car. Make sure you vacuum the interior and clean up spills as soon as you can.

    If you neglect small spots of rust, the metal will get severely damaged, and you will end up paying a large sum of money to repair the metal. If you follow the tips listed above, you will be able to keep the vehicle free from rust and increase the resale value of your car. Use paint pens to touch up minor scratches and make sure you inspect the vehicle periodically to look for any signs of corrosion.