• How to Plan for Scheduled Car Maintenance

    Performing scheduled car maintenance tasks are essential to the life of your car. Certain tasks add to the efficiency of the car’s performance, such as fluid changes, filter changes, tire inflation and regular tune-ups. Ignoring basic car needs will eventually cost in the form of repairs. Car owner’s manuals routinely include a car maintenance checklist. For older cars whose owner’s manuals have become lost through the course of time, these tasks can be scheduled via car maintenance software programs or a car maintenance log.

    Important Scheduled Maintenance Tasks

    Owning a car can be expensive and time-consuming. However, there are certain tasks that cannot be neglected.

    • Fluids lubricate your car’s parts. It is essential that you check your car engine’s oil, transmission, anti-freeze/radiator, battery, power steering and brake fluids regularly, i.e. at monthly intervals. Allowing these fluids to fall below certain levels can permanently damage your car or worse, cause an accident or costly repairs.
    • Oil filters and air filters collect dirt before it enters your car’s engine and creates havoc. Small granules of dirt can enter a car’s engine and crate parts that then operate ineffectively. Filters should be changed every 15,000 – 20,000 miles.
    • Proper tire inflation saves gas and affords your car proper steering for maintaining control, especially under harsh conditions. Monthly inspections of tire pressure should be routine. While checking your tires, you should also look inside the wheel well to inspect your brakes and shock absorbers. A high-pitched squealing noise indicates that brakes need to be checked.
    • Regular tune-ups will ensure that your car is running as efficiently as possible. Belts (and even hoses) are inspected and tightened if needed. The scheduled time frame for tune-ups depend upon the engine so a car owner’s manual or a mechanic should be consulted.

    By taking care of your car with regular scheduled car maintenance tasks, you can avoid more expensive repairs and make your car run at its most efficient level.