• How to Lower Vehicle Maintenance Costs

    In order to reduce the cost of vehicle maintenance you need to bear in mind a few important considerations. If you’ve purchased a new vehicle, you’re likely to lose nearly 25 percent of the value of your vehicle to depreciation in the first few years. Along with depreciation, the cost of performing maintenance tasks is on the rise. In addition to this, the rising cost of fuel makes it quite expensive to own and maintain a vehicle. You should thus follow these guidelines to cut down on your car maintenance cost.

    Car Maintenance Tips:

    • Whether you’ve purchased a new vehicle or a used car, you must read the car owner’s manual to be aware of the manufacturer’s recommended car maintenance schedules. This maintenance schedule is only a guideline and your vehicle may occasionally require additional servicing.
    • Since it would cost you anywhere between $2000 and $5000 to repair the engine of your vehicle, make sure you protect the engine from any damage. It is a good idea to replace oil and the oil filter every 3,000 miles so that the engine stays free from any buildup. Regular oil changes help your engine last longer so this is one maintenance task you don’t want to skip.
    • One way to lower your car maintenance costs is to learn to do these tasks on your own. There are several car repair guides and DIY tutorials that teach you how to carry out routine maintenance jobs. You should purchase the necessary tools and equipments that are required for the maintenance as these will last you for years to come. If you’ve never worked on cars before ask a friend to help you out. Once you’re confident enough, you can carry out these regular tasks without relying on professional help.
    • You also need to carry out preventive maintenance. This maintenance includes the inspection of brakes, change of air filters, replacement of transmission fluids, and tire inspection. If you carry out these jobs in accordance with the instructions given in your owner’s manual you will increase the life of your vehicle. Preventive maintenance also avoids expensive repairs that could have been avoided.
    • It is every car owners dream to have a vehicle that looks as good as new even after it has been driven for several years. To keep the vehicle’s exteriors in pristine condition and avoid expensive paint jobs, you must wash the vehicle at least once a week. Use good quality car cleaning products that won’t damage the paint or leave blotches. New cars shouldn’t be over-washed or treated with polishes as treating the surface with too many products can actually dull the shine.
    • To keep your expenses low, you should also purchase extended warranty. Most extended warranties cover the cost of certain repairs. Read the auto warranty contract carefully to understand your entitlements.
    • You should also keep track of your mileage. A sudden drop in mileage indicates car trouble and this should be checked at the earliest.

    It is also important to buy a good auto insurance policy. If you have sufficient coverage you won’t end up paying a large sum of money to cover the cost of repairs for the damages involved in an accident.