• How to Get the Most Out of a Self Service Car Wash

    If you want to use a self service car wash you need to bear in mind a few guidelines to get your money’s worth. Most manual or self service car washes are coin operated facilities. The amount of coins you put in determines the amount of time you get to use the machines.


    • You should be prepared to wash your vehicle before you drive to the self service car wash. Make sure you have coins and towels ready.
    • Avoid wasting time removing things from your car after you’ve put your money into the machine. It’s best if you remove car mats, trash and other unnecessary items from the car before vacuuming the interiors. Once this is done, make sure you bring the hose of the vacuum cleaner to your car and then put in coins to get the vacuum started.
    • Every self service car wash has a car wash bay area that allows you to clean your vehicle. You need to drive into the bay area and position your car in such a way that it’s parked right in the center of the bay area. This gives you plenty of space to walk around your vehicle and thoroughly clean it.
    • Once you’re ready to wash your vehicle, set the machine to pre-soak after pointing the water jet towards the car. Since the machine is activated, as soon as you enter your coins, you need to be prepared to start working.
    • You should also be knowledgeable about the entire car wash process. It’s best to pre-soak the vehicle or pre-wash it. Then clean your tires and follow up with soaping the exterior. Once this is done you’ll have to finish off with a thorough rinse. Remember to work quickly so you get your money’s worth.
    • Lastly, drive your vehicle out of the bay area and allow it to dry before you wax it. You will have to pull in to the bay area once again, if you want to wax the car.
    • If you don’t want to wax the vehicle at the self service car wash, you can use your own products to wax the exteriors on your own. Since there are several car wash products that are commercially available, consider buying a complete car care kit, as it will last you for more than two turns. These kits are complete with car polishes, waxes, car wash cloths and tire shine sprays.
    • You could also shop for commercial car care products online, as they may be offered at a cheaper price.
    • Compare car wash prices at different self service car washes located in your area. Since some independent companies offer you discount coupons or free car washes with an oil change or tire rotation, you should take advantage of these coupons to get a good deal.

    Although you may use a self service car wash to clean your car regularly, you should consider using the services of a professional car wash facility at least once in a while to keep your car in optimal condition.