• How to find Your Car’s Service Maintenance Schedule

    Finding a service maintenance schedule for a particular vehicle is not difficult. Most car owner’s manuals contain a scheduled maintenance checklist. Some websites also offer a car maintenance schedule for any particular car.

    Check out the following potential places for finding a service maintenance schedule for your vehicle:

    • Car Manuals: Every car comes with a car owner’s manual outlining the facts and features of the car. The first thing any new car owner should do is to familiarize themselves with the car by reading the car manual. Xeroxing the car maintenance checklist and posting it in a conspicuous place will remind the car owner of the scheduled dates of any of the particular maintenance procedures needed to be completed. Completing these tasks will extend the life of the vehicle and allow the car to run most efficiently. For those with older cars who do not have their owner’s manuals, some car manuals can be purchased from the car manufacturer or found on online auction sites.
    • Online: Often auto websites offer links to car owner’s manuals or to the purchase of them. Sometimes they offer generic car maintenance schedules. Some of these books or maintenance schedules can also be found on online auction sites.
    • Library or Bookstore: The local library sometimes carries car owner manuals, and therefore will have a copy of the car maintenance schedule.
    • Manufacturers: Automakers maintain an online presence and often have links to car owner’s manuals or car maintenance schedules. Sometimes they offer books for purchase.
    • Mechanics: Mechanics need to know the maintenance schedules of the various cars they may work on. Sometimes they may be willing to give a maintenance schedule to someone who they feel may become a potential customer.

    Adherence to a car maintenance schedule will extend the life of the car and allow it to run as efficiently as possible.