• How to Find a Car Maintenance Manual for Your Car

    It’s important to possess a car maintenance manual for your vehicle, as these manuals offer you plenty of information about your car. To keep your car in proper working condition you need to read this manual and find out how often you need to carry out various vehicle maintenance and servicing tasks. Besides this, the manual will also tell you how to replace a tire or raise the vehicle with a jack. Most car maintenance manuals cost $30 and are offered along with new vehicles. But if you’ve lost your manual or purchased a used vehicle that doesn’t have a manual, you must keep in mind the following guidelines to find the right guide.


    • If you’ve purchased a used vehicle that’s still available at several dealerships, contact dealers located in your area and ask them if they have the car maintenance manual for sale. However, if the car is an old model that’s no longer manufactured, you will not be able to purchase the manual from a dealer.
    • Your next option would be to contact salvage yards or junkyard dealers in your state to find out if they might have a car maintenance manual that’s suited to your vehicle make and model.
    • The easiest way to look for car maintenance manuals is to do your research on the Internet. Over the years several vehicle manufacturers have been offering car owner manuals on their websites. To find out if your manual is available, visit your car manufacturer’s website and click on the ‘Car Owners’ tab on the site. Although some websites allow you to download it for free, you may have to pay a small fee to download a copy from a few websites.
    • Another way to find an auto maintenance manual at a cheap price is to visit eBay Motors. Apart from car and truck replacement parts, you may also find car owner’s manuals up for sale on this site.
    • Apart from car maintenance guides, you could also look for repair books that offer you diagrams and detailed explanations of various systems present in your vehicle. These repair guides are ideal for those who like repairing car on their own.
    • Some websites may ask you for your vehicle identification number (VIN) in order to find manuals suited to your vehicle. You should therefore keep the VIN handy when looking for a maintenance manual.
    • Lastly, if you have a friend or family member who owns the same vehicle as you, ask for the maintenance manual and photocopy it for your use.

    After acquiring your car maintenance manual, read it carefully to understand the dos and don’ts. Also stick to proper vehicle maintenance schedules in order to keep your car in optimal condition. Apart from your car owner’s manual, you should also consider keeping a vehicle maintenance log so that you can keep track of future maintenance jobs that need to be performed on your vehicle.