• How to Do a Waterless Car Wash

    Washing your vehicle is an important part of its maintenance, but thanks to waterless car wash products, having access to running water and an open driveway doesn’t have to be a requisite. Because of their ease of use, and independence from water, waterless car wash solutions appeal both to the environmentally minded, and the apartment or condo dwelling car enthusiast alike. A chemical car wash product may even have a place. With garage-kept vehicles during the cold winter months, it allows them to stay looking their best, in only a few simple steps.1. Understand the Role of the Product

    Waterless car wash products are very similar to quick detailing products, except they tend to include additional ingredients designed to reduce the chances of paint damage when used on dusty vehicles. While these additives will reduce the chances of scratching, it should be noted there is no substitute for conventional washing when it comes to excessively soiled vehicles, as a waterless product will only serve to damage your paint in these cases.2. Prepare for Cleaning

    Before you begin, you will want to gather a few cleaning products, and park your vehicle in a cool, shaded area. You will need one cloth for cleaning, preferably made from sheepskin, as the natural knaps in the material will help capture dirt rather than simply dragging it along your paint. You will also need a waffle-weave microfiber cloth for drying. In the event your waterless car wash product did not come in a spray bottle, you will also need to purchase an empty spray bottle for application. A bottle with graduated markings on the side will be especially helpful if your wash product requires dilution.3. Spray the Vehicle

    Dilute the product as per manufacturer’s directions if required, and begin working on one panel at a time, moving from the top down. Liberally spray the panel with car wash solution and allow it to soak in for a few moments. Spray the panel once more and wipe away the solution using a damp sheepskin mitt or cloth, taking care to only wipe in straight lines, in the direction of normal airflow over the panel. Do not apply downward pressure while wiping as this can cause marring of the paint. If dust or dirt remains after wiping, re-spray and repeat rather than applying excessive pressure.4. Dry your Vehicle

    Once you have finished wiping a panel clean, use your clean micro fiber cloth to softly blot away any remaining cleaning residue. You should make sure not to wipe the panel, as you may cause scratching or marring of the paint. Once all residue has been dried with your cloth, you are finished.Waterless car wash products are designed mainly for maintaining a vehicle’s finish between conventional washes, or for vehicles that are only occasionally driven and lightly soiled. If mild soaking and wiping is unable to remove dirt and grime from your vehicle’s finish, your vehicle may require a more conventional washing.