• How to Dispose of Used Car Batteries

    You need to properly dispose of used car batteries. There are laws regarding car battery disposal. Most batteries contain lead and acid, which can be harmful and hazardous if disposed of in the wrong way. Here is how you can recycle used car batteries.

    Step 1: Remove the battery

    If the battery is still in your car, you will need to remove it. Make sure your car is off, and let it cool down since it can be very hot. Wear some gloves, and disconnect the battery.

    Step 2: Find an Auto Shop 

    There are many places that will accept your used car batteries. One place could be auto shops who will actually buy your used batteries. They will then refurbish them and resell them. This will be your best bet if you are looking to get some cash for your battery. 

    Step 3: Find a Recycle Location

    If you are not looking to sell the battery, you will want to recycle the battery. There are a couple of places to go. One spot to try would be your local AAA office. They have a program designed for recycling old batteries called “the Great Battery Round Up.” You can also contact your local town government or Department of Public Works. They can let you know their protocol for disposing, and then you can take the battery where they tell you. They may even have someone pick it up for you to ensure it gets disposed properly.