• How to Check the Car Maintenance Record of a Used Car

    Every car has to have a car maintenance record that the owner must have and keep updated. According to state rules, each car must undergo annual inspections to make sure that its road worthy. If you are planning to buy a used car, these records can really make an accurate assessment of the car’s condition. You can start by asking the owner of the used car to give you the car maintenance history records. All cars need maintenance at some time and you should check to see which repairs are done frequently on the car. Ask for the vehicle records and then make a note of the mileage and make sure that you confirm it by checking the odometer. Ask for the vehicle registration number too and then check the information independently on the Internet. Use sites like CARFAX that independently creates records of car information. The site uses the VIN number to gather data and create an unbiased report.

    If you are buying from a private buyer, ask for maintenance records or get in touch with the garage where the owner used to take the cars for repairs. If you are buying the car from a used car dealer then you are entitled to all the records that the dealer has on the car. The maintenance record is usually pasted on the car window indicating repairs that were already done and future repairs that may be needed. This guide will also have the mechanical and the electrical condition of the car at present for sale to customers.