• How to Apply Car Paint Sealant

    Using a paint sealant won’t give your car the type of ultra high gloss shine that a properly applied coat of a good, high quality wax that is properly applied will. However, auto paint sealant is much easier to apply and because it is a polymer and not a carnauba based wax, it is less susceptible to being washed off or melting off the way that wax will. This last part is especially true if you live in areas that either experience extremely high temperatures or extremely bright and intense sunshine. Proper application of a deep gloss paint sealant is quite easy. That proper application, however, begins with a quality washing of your car. What you will need and the steps required are listed below.

    Tools and Materials

    • Car wash kit-Minimum two gallon bucket, quality wash mitt, car cleaner solution
    • Chamois
    • Wolfgang Paint Sealant
    • Microfiber (terry or cheese cloth) towels
    • Polish or rubbing compounds as needed

    Step 1: Wash

    Any good automotive detail job is only as good as the washing of the car that begins the detail job. Use a high quality car cleaning product such as those made by Meguiar’s or Mother’s. When rinsing your mitt in the bucket, make sure you brush the mitt against the sides in order to remove and grit or other particulate matter from the glove. A paint roller screen works great for this purpose.

    Step 2: Dry

    Purchase a high quality chamois (pronounce shammy) at your local retail parts store. Prior to use, follow the directions for preparation or you may scratch the car’s finish during use. Completely wet the chamois and wring it out as much as possible. Spread the chamois out and lay it on a portion of the car to dry and slowly pull it towards you. Repeat this process, wringing the chamois out regularly.

    Step 3: Rub or Polish

    If the paint’s shine or color has faded, you will need to polish or rub it out with rubbing compound. Use a wet towel, cotton/terry, cheese cloth or a specially made micro fiber towel to apply the polish or compound to a small area. Using small, fast circles and strong pressure, rub the polish or compound into the finish of the car. Apply to another small area to allow the first are to dry to a fine haze. Once the compound has dried to a haze, use the same small, fast circles and a clean and dry towel to remove it. Shake the towel out often and use a fresh side as often as possible. Do this over the whole of the car.

    Step 4: Apply Sealant

    Squirt a small amount of Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealer to the car and use another terry towel to rub a small coating of this sealant into your paint. Use a front to back motion on the top panels of your car and use an up and down motion on the side panels.

    Step 5: Buff

    Use another clean terry towel to buff the sealant off the paint and bring out a luster and shine to your paint. Make sure that you shake the towel out often and use a clean side often. Larger cars may require two or three towels to complete.

    IF you have limited time to detail your car, and can afford to spend two or three times as much for sealant as for wax, a product such as Wolfgang Paint Sealant will protect your car’s shine and finish for up to three or four month