• How Often Should You Get a Diesel Oil Change

    How often your car requires a diesel oil change largely depends on the amount you drive, in terms of miles. If you mainly drive over shorter distances, like around town, the oil in the diesel car engine will accumulate a little more gunk or contaminants. This will lower the quality of the oil in your diesel car. If your major driving habits involve highway driving then you needn’t change it so often.

    City and Town Driving

    Being in traffic, your engine can idle for too long and this can cause premature deterioration in your car performance. Your diesel oil change frequency will be dictated by the amount of heavy miles you cover and over what period of time. A diesel oil change price quote should be obtained before you take your vehicle in. Check the owner’s manual and see if your car actually needs a change.

    Highway Driving and Longer Journey Driving

    Diesel car maintenance is vital to your engine’s health. If you drive to work on the highway, your engine won’t suffer as much. It is always advised, however, that you still do checks on the oil quality at least every 5,000 miles. Complete oil and filter changes should be carried out at the 7,500 mile mark. Most car engines as well as diesel engines carry recommendations of an oil change every 7,500 miles or at least every year. Much depends on your own mileage. If you remain within the 7,500 mile target and replace the oil and filter (when necessary), you won’t experience any loss of driving quality.