• How Effective is Brake Dust Cleaner

    In order to maintain your brakes and ensure that the wheels remain clean of debris, you will find that brake dust cleaner can prove useful. As there are several types on the market, it helps to know which ones are most effective.

    Causes of Brake Dust

    Brake dust is created by various particles that arise from the normal use of brakes, such as metal flakes and carbon fibers. When these particles are combined with moisture, they take on a consistency that allows it to attach itself to any component it comes into contact with. At best, it is unsightly, and at worst, damaging to the vehicle and requires the use of brake dust cleaner. If you notice a brake squeal that was not previously present, an abundance of brake dust may be the cause.

    Cleaning the Brakes

    The best way to ensure that a brake dust cleaner is effective is to use the correct type and use it thoroughly. Make sure that the cleaner is specifically made for brake dust and does not contain any bleach. A cleaner that comes in a spray bottle is easeer to use, because it can be applied to every part of the tire. You will then be able to use a slim stiff bristle plastic brush to scrub the interior of the tire, and a soft cloth for the outside. Avoid using a wire brush as this can cause damage to the tire. After the cleaning procedure, rinse the entire area with water.

    Preventing Brake Dust     

    It is possible to prevent brake dust by using a protective treatment on your tires. These products can be found from car accessory stores and can be applied to the tires to prevent brake dust from taking hold. This will make them easier to clean.