• How Diesel Gas Mileage Compares to Gasoline

    When it comes to diesel gas mileage, it is leaps and bounds better than gasoline gas mileage. Diesel fuel is very popular in Europe but not so much in the United States. This is due to diesel being a less than clean fuel, so it does not always pass emissions tests. This does not mean it isn’t a viable fuel, and many people don’t know about it because it is not popular. Diesel has an amazing advantage over regular gasoline and that is its increased fuel economy. This is due to diesel having more energy than gasoline. This translates to diesel having more energy in a gallon compared to gasoline, which enables it to get more fuel efficiency. It isn’t a small difference; in fact, diesel is nearly 33% more economical than gasoline is. This is a substantial difference and can cause great fuel savings over time. Think of it this way. If your car currently gets 30 miles per gallon, a similar car with a diesel engine would get 40 miles per gallon. This will translate to a 33% saving on gasoline. Of course, diesel is a little more expensive than gasoline is. However, diesel is usually no more than 10% more than what gasoline costs, so you are still going to be saving more than 20% when you run all of the costs. Diesel will also provide a couple of benefits over gasoline such as more torque for accelerations, and a higher resale value when you go to sell the car.