• How Diesel Fuel Saver Systems Work

    With rising fuel costs, more people are trying a variety of diesel fuel saver products to lower those costs by increasing mileage and efficiency. There are basically two types of fuel saver systems on the market today. Basic principles of each are discussed below.

    Air-Fuel Atomization Enhancers

    There are a number of diesel fuel-air atomization enhancers on the market. Some will give you a barely noticeable increase in mileage, while the others will just make your wallet lighter. The basic principle behind these is that by increasing the velocity of the air through the intake system and causing it to roil and swirl, the air and diesel fuel will mix better. This better mixing acts as a diesel fuel saver by causing more of the diesel fuel and air mixture to burn more completely, increasing power output of the engine. This increased power output will help your car or truck go farther per combustion cycle, thus increasing your diesel fuel mileage. Some of these devices work as advertised, while others do nothing. Using a high performance air filter, such as those from K&N will also increase airflow into the engine, increasing fuel economy.

    Chemically Enhancing the Air-Fuel Mixture

    There are a number of proven ways to enhance the diesel fuel and air mixture. One of the oldest methods is an off the shelf product which increases the octane of the diesel fuel. The newest method is water-based and uses electricity. Using a process called electrolysis, water is separated into its constituent elements, hydrogen and oxygen. The oxygenated hydrogen molecules are mixed with the fuel prior to its being injected into the combustion chamber, making the mixture more volatile, which causes more of the diesel fuel and air mixture to burn completely.

    Deciding which diesel fuel saver method is right for you will depend on which methods you are able to do on your own, or can find detailed instructions for. The above descriptions have been provided to help you decide which method you wish to try.