• How a Diesel Truck Fuel Mileage Compares to Other Trucks

    With the rising cost of gas today, many people are getting rid of their gasoline powered trucks and going with diesel as a means of increasing truck fuel mileage. A diesel truck runs off of compression instead of a spark, like in a gasoline engine. It’s true that there is what is known as a `glow plug’ in a diesel engine, but it doesn’t provide a spark. It preheats the air fuel mixture in order to lower the level of compression required to cause the air-fuel mixture to combust. Diesel engines may not appear to be more efficient than gasoline engines, because of what comes out of the tailpipe. Though what is seen mostly, diesel fuel is a fuel oil not as highly refined as gasoline.

    Increased Mileage

    All things being equal, such as vehicle and load weights, a diesel truck is going to get better mileage because of the increased diesel fuel efficiency. Part of this increase in efficiency is due to the fact that the compression cycle is what causes combustion of the air and fuel mixture. Another part of why your truck fuel mileage will be better with a diesel truck is called fuel scavenging or return. A portion of the unburned fuel is returned to the fuel system for use in combustion, whereas in a gasoline powered engine, any unburned fuel is expelled through the exhaust system and wasted.

    Depending on where you live, you may pay up to ten or fifteen cents more per gallon for diesel fuel, but you will more than make up for the difference in price with the increased truck fuel mileage you can expect from a diesel engine.