• Getting High Gas Mileage in Sedan Models with AWD

    Typically, a vehicle equipped with AWD is going to get less gas mileage, sedan, coupe or truck, than a similar vehicle that is either two wheel drive or that has a selectable four wheel drive option. No matter what kind of vehicle you have, car, truck, two wheel, four wheel, or all wheel drive, the methods you needs to employ to receive optimal gas mileage are the same.

    Keep the Fuel Flowing Efficiently

    Most of today’s vehicles are fuel injected. This is because a clean fuel injector will allow the fuel/air mixture to atomize better, which gives better efficiency and power. In order to keep your injectors operating at peak efficiency, you should run a high quality fuel system cleaner through them about once a month, and have them professionally cleaned at least once a year.

    Change the Oil Regularly

    Dirty, thick oil is the second largest cause of decreased fuel mileage. There are two things you can do to keep your car running at peak efficiency when it comes to engine oil. The first, and most important, is to change it regularly, at 3,000 mile intervals. The second thing you can do is to use a high quality oil such as Castrol Syntec, coupled with a high quality oil filter, such as those from Fram or Purolator.

    Keep it Tuned up

    You don’t have to keep a warehouse of parts available for this step. Just the tools needed to remove the plugs, cap and rotor and keep them clean. A socket, extension and ratchet, along with a straight screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver, along with some 100 grit sandpaper is all you need.  Remove the plugs individually and sand the electrodes. Do the same to the electrodes on the cap and rotor. This ensures optimum electrical energy transfer.

    Air Flow is important

    A high speed flow of air through the intake system ensures that the air and fuel is able to completely mix, thus allowing it to burn completely. This will ensure optimum fuel economy. Today’s paper filters do a good job at filtering out particulate matter, however they obstruct the flow of air into the engine. You can increase your horsepower and fuel economy, sometimes by as much as ten percent K&N high performance air filters will do all of this for you, and help you save money by never having to replace your air filter again.

    Suspension and Tires

    A properly aligned front end will do two things for you. First, it will extend the life of your tires and suspension components. Second, it will help you receive better mileage. Also, making sure your tires are properly inflated will help you receive the best mileage possible.

    The above listed tips will ensure you receive the highest possible gas mileage for a sedan, coupe or truck.