• Gas Saving Tips for Commuters

    There are many gas saving tips that commuters can use. Some of these tips will save gas by switching your method of transportation, while others will increase your vehicle fuel economy.


    Carpooling is a great way to get to work. Usually it consists of 2-3 people who get together and all drive to work in one car. Instead of taking for example, three cars, now you only take one car. Typically, gas costs are also split evenly between the passengers. This can be a great way to save gas, but also money. Instead of everyone paying 100% of the costs, now each pays 33% of the cost, but only 1/3 of the total gas would be used (compared to driving all 3 cars). One last advantage is that in many states there are carpool (HOV) lanes where only carpoolers can drive, so it can limit the amount of traffic you have to sit through.

    Commuter Bus/Public Transportation

    Taking a commuter bus, or any other form of public transportation is a way to save gas. For a very low cost, you can use these modes of transportation. The obvious advantage is you don’t use any of your gas, and if you think about it, everyone else who uses these buses also saves gas. Instead of having hundreds of people use their cars and gas, only one bus is using it instead.

    Avoid Traffic

    Obviously, you always want to avoid traffic. However, there is another reason other than time, which is fuel economy. When you get stuck in traffic, your engine runs while you are just sitting there. Also, you need to start moving your car many times but then go back to motionless. Starting your car back up each time uses more gas than you’d think. Traffic is the main reason as to why fuel economy numbers in the city are always lower than mileage numbers on the highway. Avoiding traffic may make you take a route that will take five to ten extra minutes. However, the fuel consumption will actually be lower, so it is beneficial. 

    Regular Maintenance

    Make sure your car has its regular maintenance. Parts of your car that you can’t even see can be affecting your fuel economy without you even knowing it. One of them is your tires, and they can really cause fuel efficiency to suffer. Your tires may not be properly inflated with the right amount of air, and this can cause you to waste 3 or 4 percent of your gas. Other parts that can affect it even more are the spark plugs, fuel injection system, and the air filters.


    Making your car more aerodynamic can cause you to gain fuel efficiency on the fly. One easy thing to do is remove the roof rack or any other things on top of your car. This will also decrease weight, which you also want to do if there are excess items in the trunk of your car. Lastly, you should drive with your windows up to decrease any drag that is created.