• Gas Mileage Comparison Guide for Vintage Cars

    To make a gas mileage comparison between different vintage cars, you’ll need to do a fair bit of research. One issue that many people face as they try to make a classic car’s gas mileage comparison, is that individual cars oftentimes vary significantly, even when they are of the same make, model and year. This is due to the fact that these cars are oftentimes in vastly different conditions.

    Overall Gas Mileage

    Most vintage and classic cars get significantly poorer gas mileage than standard vehicles of today. Efficiency in engines and advances in general automotive technology have allowed today’s cars to get better mileage on the whole than vintage cars. It’s not uncommon to see cars with gas mileage ratings of between 10 and 20 miles per gallon for the city.

    Other Considerations

    The single best way to compare the gas mileage on particular cars is to set up a test on your own. Using the knowledge that you have of the vehicle’s fuel capacity, test your driving in the city and the highway, and compare it against how much gas is used up. This can help you to determine the exact gas mileage rating for the particular car you’re driving. Which is a better gauge than any average gas mileage for a vintage car.

    Other sources of helpful information include nearby car dealers, vintage car experts, mechanics and more. For more assistance in setting up a gas mileage test at home, look to various online manuals for further instructions and advice as well.