• Finding a Quality Full Service Car Wash Near You

    There are several companies that offer you a full service car wash at competitive prices. However, it’s important to do your research in order to find a car wash that offers you quality services. In general, a full service car wash will include services like an exterior car wash and towel dry, vacuuming of carpets and mats, cleaning of windows and mirrors, and wiping of interior door panels, the steering wheel and the dashboard. Most car wash professionals will also wipe and clean other areas of the interiors of your vehicle.


    • The easiest way to find full service car washes in your area is to start researching the Internet. You could visit superpages.com or yelp to find car washes located in your area by entering your zip code.
    • It’s important to read reviews posted online because they keep you informed about the quality of service offered by any given car wash in your area.
    • There are several independent car wash companies that offer you trained and pre-qualified professionals to wash your vehicle. Mr. Clean Car Wash is one such company that operates in Cincinnati, Round Rock and Atlanta. If you reside in one of these places, you could take advantage of their professional car wash and detailing services.
    • Alternatively, look through your daily newspaper to find full service car wash facilities located in and around your neighborhood. Since several companies have limited time offers and package deals, you should take advantage of these discounts and coupons. However, verify the quality of service they offer by asking friends and neighbors or by reading reviews online.
    • You could also ask local mechanics about car wash companies located in your area. They will be well informed about companies that offer you good services at an affordable price.
    • Most full service car washes are priced between $15 and $30. If you don’t want to spend too much money on your car wash, look for package deals. Some companies offer you a free car wash if you drive in for a tire rotation, an oil change or a brake inspection. It’s best to look at all your options so that you get your money’s worth.
    • If you’re visiting a car wash center for the first time and haven’t heard of the company before, you could always look it up on Better Business Bureau to find out how they rate in terms of customer satisfaction, and whether they’re in legal compliance or not.
    • You could also contact the dealer who sold you the vehicle to inquire about quality car wash and detailing facilities located nearby.

    Although you may use a self service car wash to clean your vehicle on a regular basis, you must get your vehicle professionally hand washed and detailed at least once every few months, so that you protect the paint and the exteriors of your car.