• Finding a Car Detail Shop in Your Area

    There are plenty of places offering auto detailing, but it can be hard to find a good car detail shop close to you. Some offer excellent service, some regard detailing as little more than something extra to go with a car wash. Decide on which you need for your car before you begin to seek out a car detail shop in your area.

    1. Yellow Pages

    The Yellow Pages will at least let you know about the businesses that are out there in your area. You’ll be able to find the shops under car detailing service or a similar heading. Call around, check the services they offer, as well as the prices. That way you can compare one car detail shop directly with another.

    2. Recommendations

    They say that word of mouth is the best advertising. Ask friends who have had their cars detailed for places they’d recommend, and also the ones to avoid. If you’re out and see a lovingly detailed car, ask the owner who did the work, and how satisfied they are with it. If they are happy, they’ll be glad to share the name of the car detail shop.

    3. Advertisements

    Like all businesses, a car detail shop needs to advertise for business. That will often be in the local newspaper, and might include specials on different services. In itself that doesn’t mean they do great work, but a low price can be tempting enough for you to try them. They might also advertise in specialist car magazines. This is much more serious, and means they want a reputation among car buffs. That can make the car detail shop well worth trying.