• Dangers of Using a Cheap Car Wash

    When visiting a cheap car wash, the object of the exercise is to get your car washed well at a reasonable rate. Cheap car wash outlets normally consist of a team assigned to cleaning different part of your car. They are usually every fast and dexterous. Some small issues you should think about before you choose to have your beloved vehicle washed in such place are things relating to care of your property.

    1 – Customer and Vehicle Care

    Considering the nature of cheap car washes, you should keep an eye on the speeds at which the team moves over your car as they wash it. They can unwittingly cause damage to exterior protrusions. It’s a good idea to keep photographs you take of your car, prior to arriving. It may seem oversuspicious, however, if you think about the concept, the team can cause car wash damage your car. If required, you might need to prove they caused the damage. Check your car all around, inside and out, before you attend there.

    2 – Interior Theft

    Not all cheap washes are filled with potential criminals, and most cheap wash places will have an excellent reputation and work ethic. You should be conservative, though, just in case. There have been some small businesses who have set themselves up with the sole purpose of ripping people off. If you have never visited one particular cheap car wash before, insist on remaining with your car for the duration of the wash. Do not leave lose change or any cash, cell phones, expensive equipment or anything of value in the car when you have it detailed via a cheap car wash.

    3 – Do they Have Insurance

    Standard require liability insurance to cover businesses against injury or death on their premises. You should ask to see their trading license, their insurance certificates and any other paperwork that is applicable to the nature of their business. If they don’t possess any of the above or cannot produce them to show you, you really should just leave and go elsewhere. Ask them about their level of customer and vehicle protection before you proceed.