• Cleaning Tires: 3 Tire Cleaning Tips of the Pros

    Tire cleaning may seem easy, but there is a method to how it has to be done. Most people just give their tires a once over with a brush or the hose and consider the job done. But it’s not over yet. You have to make sure the entire tire, its rim and the brake dust that is present on the car is removed to ensure a job well done. Here are a few tips from the pros so you can clean out your tire properly and get it into top shape right away.

    Protection of Your Car Tires

    There are two main degrading agents that will try to eat into your car rubber and destroy it. These are UV light and Ozone. Both of these materials will try to eat into the hydrocarbons of your tire rubber and then cause them to lose elasticity and crack under the pressure of driving. Make sure that you use a strong UV protectant on the tire that will protect the rubber and prevent it from cracking in the sunlight and heat of driving. Check the ingredients of every product you use and avoid the use of any material on your car tires that have formaldehyde in it. This will automatically cause your car rubber tires to crack. Almost all products will also have raw silicone oil in them to make the tires shine. But please check and avoid using this on your tires. The raw silicone can eat into the rubber and make it degenerate that much faster.

    Using the Right Soaps

    There are foaming soaps that are supposed to be used with car tires only. Please make sure you use that particular product. This is because a few products contain an acid to eat away organic dirt and they are not supposed to be used with the rubber of tires. Also remember that you should never spray the wheel cleaner on a hot surface. This is because a hot surface will pick up colors from the cleaning liquid and will get stained faster. Also try to avoid the use of wheel cleaners on your tires. This is because most wheel cleaners contain hydrofluoric acid that will eat into the rubber of tires and damage them permanently.


    We do advise you to start cleaning your car from the top, but once you have wet the car, you should start by pre-rinsing the tires and then allow them to soak in the extra water. This ensures the water will soak through all the dirt and grit on the wheels and make them soft for scraping off. We also recommend you use wire brushes that will scrape off the dirt from the tires and make white lettering bright again.

    Cleaning the car tires is as simple as making sure the rubber is clean of all grit. But apart from the superficial cleaning process you also have to use rubber protectants that will ensure your tires last for as long as possible.