• Car Wax Comparison: Choosing the Right Wax for Your Vehicle

    Performing an in-depth car wax comparison can be time consuming and costly. And if you try out a wax product that is decidedly inferior, you run the risk of actually damaging your vehicle’s paint, which can possibly cost thousands of dollars to repair (think repainting costs). In the following paragraphs you will be presented with some information on steps that you can take to research the brands and exact products that will lead to the best car wax.

    Ask the Dealership
    If your car is new or relatively new, one of the most authoritative sources of information regarding just about anything to do with your car will be the dealership. Ask to speak with the service manager or the manager of the body and paint shop so you can ask them what brand of car wax or exact car wax product they recommend for your car.

    Ask Local Paint Shops

    If you can’t contact your local dealership if you want more than one opinion, check your local yellow pages and call a couple of the more reputable body shops near you to find out which car care products they recommend. Every professional body shop is going to have a particular favorite brand of car wax.

    Ask Local Car Clubs

    This is especially true if you have a classic car with a specialized paint job. Many car club members enter their classic cars in car shows that are also called Show-N-Shine Events. Paint condition is an important judging criterion for these events, so these guys and gals will all have their favorites.

    Consider the Car’s Age

    Your car’s age and the attendant condition of the paint and clear coat will be a prime factor in deciding which car wax product is the best for your car. If your car’s paint is perfect and full of shine, then you will probably only need one of the newer types of spray on and wipe of wax products available from a number of companies. If your car is older and has lost some of its shininess, then you may need a polish more than a wax.

    Be Careful of Plastic Body Parts

    Most of the older types of waxes are not very compatible with high porosity plastic found on many cars, such as ding guards on doors and rear fenders. These waxes will leave a milky coating which will sometimes require a special cleaner made for plastics to remove.

    Online Reviews

    There are many sites that have published car wax reviews or performed actual car wax comparisons. Read through these reviews and comparisons very carefully in order to determine which is the best car wax for your use and needs. Different sites have different results.

    In all truth, you may need to buy two or three different waxing products to fit a variety of needs and situations.  For quick touchups, you can buy a spray on wipe off product and for those times you need to remove tough water spots  or swirls, you’re going to need a rub in buff off wax or polish.