• Car Wax and Rain: How the Weather Can Affect Your Wax Job

    Applying car wax during rain aren’t two things that mix. Car wax is meant to protect your car from rain and other weather. You need to be careful about when you put wax on your car. Rain, and most weather in fact, can affect car waxing.


    Your paintwork needs to be dry when you put wax on your car. For that simple reason applying car wax in the rain simply isn’t going to work. You won’t achieve good coverage, and the elements will already be battering your paintwork. You need to wait until the rain has passed, carefully dry the car with microfiber cloths that won’t scratch the paint, and then put on the wax. If rain starts as you’re waxing, stop the work. You’ll need to wait, clean the rest of the car once the rain has ended, then continue.


    Car wax and rain aren’t the only things that don’t mix. You shouldn’t apply car wax in full sun, either. Direct sunlight will make the wax dry before you have the chance to buff it, so your wax job won’t be effective. Make sure your vehicle is parked in the shade. Not only will it be cooler, but you’ll be able to buff the wax properly after applying it.

    It’s important to apply car wax under the optimum conditions. If you have to do it outside, wait for the ideal weather. If it’s too cold, then the wax won’t spread in the correct manner. After taking the time to detail your car, it’s worth a little extra time to give the process the perfect finish.