• Car Maintenance Products that Can Save You Money in the Long Run

    Some car maintenance products are simple enough for even a non-mechanic to use. Some require the littlest of knowledge, skill to install and tools to install them with. However, they will save money in the long run by preventing added wear and tear (than normal) to the vehicle. This will extend the life of the vehicle as well as save money. Certain tasks should be placed on the car maintenance schedule.


    Every vehicle needs fluids to keep its moving parts lubricated and therefore decrease the wear and tear to the minimal. Checking the level of the oil, transmission, brake, steering and coolant fluids and replenishing them as necessary will keep all moving parts lubricated and/or parts properly functioning. Bottles of these products do not cost very much, especially when compared to the potential costs of repairs neglecting these fluids can be.


    Oil and air filters are relatively inexpensive. Oil filters keep the oil clear of debris that can grind away at the engine itself. Air filters keep debris from clogging or robbing the engine of needed air in order to operate properly. Air filters are easy to change. Unfastening the air filter lid and then exchanging the old filter with the new one is all that is needed. Keeping these filters clean will extend the life of the engine and save on fuel.


    Checking the tire pressure monthly with a tire gauge will keep the wear and tear on the tires to minimal or normal levels. This will allow the tires to last longer and will save on fuel as well.

    Wipers and Light Bulbs

    Ensuring that the wipers and light bulbs are in proper working order will make the vehicle safer and so save on repair and/or insurance costs.

    Doing as much as possible regarding car maintenance will save money in the long run.