• Car Detailing: Car Detail Tips of the Pros

    There are many car detail tips that can help make your car look excellent. Car detailing is more than a car wash, and it should be done on your car a couple of times a year. It includes the interior and exterior of the car. It can be a very costly piece of maintenance if you choose to have a professional do it. They will do a great job, no doubt about it, but it will cost you. You can save some money by detailing the car yourself. After you pick up some car detail supplies, you will need some tips on how to proceed.

    1. No Scratch

    When people wash cars, they often use bath or beach towels to dry their car quickly. Detailing is a long process and you should only use microfiber cloths. These cloths will not scratch the paint on your car, which is the main reason why they’re used. They can be bought in any department or linen store and are a great investment. Make sure if you do use them that the car is still wet, or else they can scratch the paint (like if you’re wiping something off the car).

    2. Clay Bar

    Using a clay bar is a great way to get out some of the dirt and debris that’s in the paint. You may not see it with your naked eye, but usually if the car has not been waxed in a long time, there will be dirt in its paint. Using a clay bar will not scratch your car and is very simple to use. All you do is spray on some of the pre-spray that comes with the clay to be a lubricant. Then simply rub the clay over the car (or spots you wish to clean), and you’re done. Do this before you wax.

    3. Wax

    Waxing is a big part of the car detail process. Car detail wax is great because it acts as a protector of your paint. It does make your car look nice and shiny, but its secondary purpose is protection. Try to keep up with your waxes because as time goes on, they protect less and less.

    4. Car Buffer

    Using a car buffer is a great way to finish off your wax with a polish. Most of them are electric brushes and can be used by anyone. The polish will clean the surface of the paint for an incredible finish.

    5. Interior

    You can easily clean all of the windows on the inside with a window cleaner. Try to do this early so that the windows are less prone to streaking if you open them later. When cleaning the rugs and carpet, make sure that you rinse out thoroughly because the cleaner will attract more dirt if you keep it in the rug. If you have spilled anything between the seats, it’s best to remove the seat to have better access to the area you wish to clean.