• Brake Dust Shields: Pros and Cons

    Brake dust shields provide protection to your alloy wheels. Brake dust is harmful and may corrode the metal or protective coating on your beautiful alloy wheels. These stains are hard to remove with conventional washing and may require the use of a scrubbing pad to completely remove but excessive pressure could deteriorate the quality of your rims and eventually harm the finish.

    A simple solution would be to purchase a set of dust shields to prevent dust build up in the rims. These are usually made of metal or aluminum and are placed in between the wheels and brake caliper. Installation is simple and are said to reduce the amount of brake dust in your alloy rims. But not all enthusiasts are convinced by how effective dust shields work as manufacturers are still figuring out how the system will benefit car owners and performance as well.

    Pros and Cons of Installing Brake Dust Shields 


    Brake dust shields are manufactured according to industry standards and are designed not to interfere with the car’s normal braking system.

    • deflects brake dust
    • cleaner wheels
    • cheap
    • easy to install
    • maintenance free