• Best Resources for Cheap Car Batteries

    There are a number of places that you can look to find cheap car batteries. For many people the brand of battery they choose for purchase will depend completely on the car battery price quoted by the retailer. Here are several places that you can find discount car batteries.

    Large Retailers

    The rules of economics state that the retailer that has more buying power is able to make purchases from their vendors at much lower prices. In turn, these retailers can pass on greater savings to the consumer. For this reason you should look at the large retailers in your area that sell auto parts and accessories. Examples of these retailers include:

    Battery Rebuilders

    No matter the name on the side, most car batteries aren’t completely new, they’re rebuilt. This is why you must pay a core charge when you replace your old battery. The retailer has to turn your old battery over for rebuilding and to receive a credit. Some of these rebuilt batteries find their way to the shops of local rebuilders for very good prices. Sometimes these prices are even better than the large retail chains. Check your local Yellow Pages to find a local rebuilder or outlet near you.

    One item of note: Never buy used car batteries. This is because you will never receive an acceptable life span from them. If you spend some time doing research on car battery prices, using both the Internet and the local Yellow Pages, you will be able to find the battery you need for the price you want.