• Best Detailing Clay Bar Products on the Market

    A detailing clay bar is the ideal to way to remove that deep dirt from your paintwork after you’ve washed the vehicle. It’s been proven to work, as is used by professionals and home detailers alike.

    Which is the best clay bar? Which detailing clay bar will do the best job on your car before you polish and wax it? There are so many on the market, that making a choice can be difficult. However, some stand out above the others when you look at detailing clay bars.


    Meguiar’s is known for the quality of its car detailing products, and its detailing clay bars are no exception. They offer a range of them, going from smooth surface to mild professional detailing clay, to aggressive professional detailing clay. The aggressive even removes overspray and tar, getting deep into the surface to attack and remove the contaminants that mar paintwork. A Meguiar’s clay bar has the company’s extensive reputation as a guarantee. As with all types of detailing clay bar, it needs to be used with a proper lubricant to work effectively. The smooth surface clay bar, on the other hand, is intended to do what it says, and create a smooth surface ready for the next detailing step.


    Mother’s clay bar detailing kit claims they are the biggest selling clay bar kit in America. They offer to take out virtually all the contaminants from your paintwork, including sap and tar. The company takes pains to point out the limits of its detailing clay bar. It won’t take out paint scratches, and it won’t increase the gloss or shine of the paintwork.

    The fact that this detailing clay bar kit (and it is sold as a kit, with lubricant) sells so well, is an indication that it works excellent for those who use it. As with all clays, it recommends you rill the clay out, and then flatten it into a pancake shape to use. Once one area of the clay is dirty, you should turn it to a clean area before moving on.

    Gold Clay Bar

    Top of the range for Mother’s is the California Gold clay bar detailing kit. The company claims this will take out everything the other clay detailing bars will remove, plus embedded flakes of metal. It won’t damage or be harmful to the paint in any way. It’s the high end clay bar from the Mother’s range, and therefore more expensive. It’s part of the company’s California Gold range, which is aimed at those who want the very best in detailing for their vehicles.


    DP Universal Detailing Clay is a compound clay that does much the same as all the other types of detailing clay bar. Again, it does need to be used with a lubricant, but it will remove those deep contaminants. Although it won’t give a smooth finish all by itself, it will leave the bodywork fine for the application of wax, which will leave the paint feeling glossy.