• Best Car Wash Techniques for a Lasting Shine

    To give your car the best car wash you need to bear in mind a few tips. These tips will help clean the exteriors of your vehicle and attain a long lasting shine. Although you may use a self service car wash to clean your vehicle, you may want to consider giving the car a thorough hand wash as this allows you to take your time and clean tough spots carefully. To start off, you need to be prepared to wash your car. Keep all your car cleaning and detailing products at hand so that you can complete the task without wasting too much time.

    Car Wash Techniques:

    Choosing the Right Products

    Before you even start working on your vehicle, you need to purchase the best car wash products that are available in the market. These products will leave you with a great finish and they’re definitely worth the extra money spent. Look for complete car care kits that come equipped with all the waxes, polishes, clays and towels that you may require.

    Soap Solutions

    It’s important to use products that are formulated for use on car paints. If you use other detergents that are abrasive in nature you might permanently damage the car paint and wash out the shine.  Some car owners prefer using dishwashing liquid on hard to clean surfaces of the car. While it’s acceptable to do this, stick to commercial car cleansing solutions.

    Washing the Car

    Once you’ve got your products at hand, park your vehicle in a cool and shady spot and start pre-washing the exteriors with plain water to rid the surface of dust and loose debris. Mix the contents of the car wash liquid with the right amount of water and use a soft towel to wipe your vehicle with this solution. Always work from the top and finish off at the bottom.

    Removing Dirt

    In order to get a perfect shine, you need to prepare the surface to be waxed and polished. It’s thus important to get rid of all the dirt and stubborn grime that sits on the car’s exterior so that you get a smooth surface to work on. Remember to rinse your towel at regular intervals as you work off the dirt that’s settled on your car.

    Cleaning the Wheels

    If you’ve already purchased a wheel shine product, follow the instructions listed on the package and clean the wheels accordingly. If not, wash and clean the wheels with water and the soap solution you’ve prepared.


    Lastly, rinse the exteriors so that there isn’t any trace of soap left on the surface. Don’t wax your car until it has dried. To ensure that it is completely dry, use a clean soft towel to dry the surface and let the vehicle air dry for a few minutes.

    Maintaining the Shine

    After the car has been cleaned use a good quality polish on a buffer pad and buff your vehicle. In order to get a professional finish you can use a good car wax product on the vehicle after buffing it.

    Apart from cleaning and shining the exteriors of the car, you should also vacuum the interiors and use an odor neutralizer or a car freshener to keep odors at bay. It is best to wash your vehicle at least once a week so that it doesn’t appear dull and used.