• Best Car Wash Products for Making Your Car Shine

    There are several car wash products that you can use to restore shine to your car’s surface. Over a period of time due to the exposure to the external elements, a vehicle can look dull and old. But there are a number of car wash supplies available and with a little care you can restore your vehicle to its former pristine condition.

    Car Wash Products that can make Your Car Shine:

    Car Wash Soap

    The first step towards making your car shine is to wash it. You should take care not to use dishwashing detergent to wash your car as it is harsh and can accelerate the oxidation process and harm the protective coating on your car’s surface. A good quality car soap or shampoo that is bio-degradable should be used to wash your vehicle. Don’t wash your car on a windy day and ensure that the car has cooled down and is parked in the shade before you apply the soap as heat can speed up the drying process of the soap on the surface and this makes it difficult to wash off. It can also result in spots, blotches and deposits that are difficult to remove. Always use clean water to rinse off the soap and never allow the soap to dry before rinsing it off.

    Car Wash Brushes

    A good quality soft bristled brush with a long handle can help your back and muscles. But if possible, it’s best not to use a brush on the car’s surface as it can leave scratches on the paint and wear out the shine. However, you should use a brush to clean the interior of the car and wash the dirt off the tires.


    You should use mitts with soft fibers rather than old rags to remove dust and dirt from the car’s surface. The same mitt shouldn’t be used for the upper and lower parts of the car. By using mitts you will ensure that the dirt doesn’t scratch the car’s surface and your car remains shiny and gleaming.


    Large, soft natural sponges should be used to apply soap to the surface of the car.

    Chamois Leather and Non-Abrasive Towels

    Use a chamois leather or non-abrasive towel to dry the exterior of your car. Don’t allow the car to dry on its own as it can leave watermarks that are hard to remove.

    Window Cleaning Agents

    It’s best to use a mixture of water and vinegar to clean the window glass rather than using cleaning agents as the latter can attract more dirt after use. The glass should be dried with a newspaper as the print in the paper helps shine the glass.

    Car Polish

    Car polish should be used after the car is washed. Since it’s slightly abrasive, it removes small scratches and oxidized paint from the surface of the car. However, you run the risk of removing old paint and paint protectants.

    Car Wax

    A car wax can be applied after the car is washed and polished to ensure that the shine remains for a longer time. Car wax helps remove minor scratches from the paint surface. You should apply a good quality car wax with a soft cloth and then wipe the surface with a fresh dry soft cloth to make the shine better.

    Regular cleaning, polishing and waxing of the vehicle will keep the car paint looking new and shiny for a long time.