• Best Car Wash Cloth Material to Use

    To get the best car wash and avoid damaging the car’s paint you need to use a good quality car wash cloth. The car wash cloth is used for general cleaning, dusting, drying and detailing, and it helps keep the car free of streaks, spots and drip lines.

    Types of Wash Cloths Used for a Car:

    Window Towels

    These towels are made of cotton. They are lint-free and very absorbent. You should never use the same towels that are used to clean the exterior of the car on the windows, as the dirt on the towels can cause scratches on the glass.

    Terry Cloth Towels

    Terry cloth towels are used to dry the exterior of cars. However, these aren’t very absorbent and leave behind a lot of lint. A new, clean terry cloth towel is better for waxing the car, as you can use it to apply wax and for polishing off.

    Washing Mitt

    A washing mitt is made of plain cotton cloth with long fibers. The long fibers pick the grit off the car’s surface. The mitt should be rinsed frequently to remove the grit and prevent it from scratching the car’s surface. You should take care not to rub too hard with the mitt, as it might leave fine scratch marks.

    Microfiber Wash Cloth

    A microfiber wash cloth or towel can be used without any chemicals to clean, dust and polish the car. Microfiber cloths are made of tiny wedge shaped fibers that grab and hold dirt. A damp microfiber wash cloth can be used for dusting, as the dust gets trapped in the fibers of the cloth. The cloth can also be used to clean the exterior of the car and the wheels. Since it’s made of synthetic fibers, the cloth is easy to clean, as the dirt isn’t absorbed by the cloth. Microfiber wash cloths wipe off dirt and prevents it from damaging the surface of the car.

    Microfiber Polishing Towels

    These are used to polish the car and give an excellent swirl-free finish to the car’s paint, leaving the car shining and looking as good as new.

    Microfiber Drying Cloth

    These cloths can be used to clean windows. You just need to spray water on the windows and wipe it dry with the microfiber wash cloth to get dirt-free and streak-free windows. You can also use them for windshields and rear view mirrors. These cloths are also used to dry off the exterior of the car after it has been rinsed.

    Chamois Wash Cloth

    Chamois leather is a natural product that is very soft and absorbent. Wash cloths made of chamois leather are used more for drying than washing, but can be abrasive and take the wax off the car’s surface. The chamois doesn’t hold the dirt and hence it gets dragged across the car’s finish as you wipe each panel. If not used carefully, it can wreck the car’s finish. Besides this, chamois doesn’t dry as well as a microfiber towel.

    Although there are a lot of cloths that are used while washing a car, those made from microfiber are gaining popularity, as they are very absorbent, lint-free, long lasting and non-abrasive. You should choose your car wash cloth wisely, as you don’t want to damage the car’s finish while cleaning the vehicle.