• Benefits of Using Liquid Car Wax

    Liquid car wax offers some benefits over solid wax, its main competitor. It remains the best selling type of wax, with liquid car polish available both in a bottle and as a spray.

    Easy To Use

    The great advantage of liquid car wax is the ease of application. You simply pour it on the bodywork and start to buff it. With a spray liquid car wax, just squeeze the trigger. It doesn’t get any easier than that. There’s a great deal less effort than scooping out solid wax and spreading it on the paintwork before you can buff. You’re also going to achieve more even coverage with liquid car wax. In colder weather, or if it’s been left for a few months, solid car wax can be extremely solid. That is never a problem with liquid car wax.


    You can buy good liquid car wax almost anywhere. Department stores, hardware stores, and even some grocery stores will stock it. Those kind of stores always cut prices, so liquid car wax can be a better bargain than solid wax, and you don’t need to make a trip to a specialist store to buy it.


    The best liquid car wax will give a durable sealant to your paintwork that can last for months. It takes time to dry properly, more than solid wax, but it’s worth allowing the extra time before you can drive your car around. If you’re going to apply wax to the car, you want the best possible protection. The way the liquid car wax can be spread, means it’s doable.