• Benefits of Using Carnauba Car Wax

    If you’re planning to wax your vehicle, it’s a good idea to use carnauba car wax. Not many people are actually aware of what a good wax coating can do to their car but this is where you can learn. Here are a few good reasons why you should get your car waxed and polished after cleaning it.

    What Is Carnauba Wax?

    Carnauba was is just one of the products that are derived from the carnauba tree. That there are many brands that will have the wax as a component of the polish. Not many are actually indicated for use by beginners, and especially for car polishing.

    Benefits of Using Carnauba Car Wax

    • This wax is hard and has to be rubbed into the outer coat of the car to get the best shine out of it. You should not use the granular or the abrasive car waxes that are formulated with carnauba wax. These are indicated for car detailing use and not for car polishing.
    • Spray waxes are also available, which you can just spray on the car surface and then polish into the car. Carnauba spray car wax is ideal for quick polishing jobs. It’s also very effective for protecting the car from sudden showers. It’s a far better idea to use the boxed variety though, as it lasts for a longer time and creates a much better shine.
    • Trees in the tropical forests secrete this wax to protect their leaves which are constantly exposed to water in the form of dew and moisture. This means that your car is well protected from water when you use the best carnauba wax. In fact, the wax produces such a high shine that it is used in the food industry to make edible foods look shiny and pretty. If you have chomped down on a shiny apple surface, you now know what causes the shine.
    • This wax is not like ordinary beeswax that is soft and easy to use. Carnauba is hard and flaky and has to be combined with other materials to make it easier to spread on the surface of your car. Any product that claims to be 100% carnauba wax is lying, because the wax is so hard that it has to be combined with oils and other waxes so that it can be used for polishing purposes.
    • Carnauba wax is a protectant and it also creates a hydrophobic surface on the car. You will find that lower quality waxes are not really hydrophobic and they also cause water to “sheet” on the surface of the car. The wax is protective of the car paint job and can deepen the shine on the surface of the car.

    Make sure that the product has at least 20% carnauba car wax to get the best shine on your vehicle.